Community & Social Service involvement


Services offered at The Indic Center for Psychological Wellness and Holistic Health

Training & Capacity Building

The Indic Center is actively involved in addressing the mental health challenges in India through capacity building and training programs:
  • Training and Capacity Building Needs:
    • There’s a significant gap between the demand for mental health professionals and the existing workforce in India, estimated at over 80%. The need to expand mental health services to rural areas and towns is crucial.
    • The aim is not only to manage mental health crises but also to create inclusive classrooms, communities, and promote diversity acceptance. The focus is on training primary healthcare workers, teachers, social workers, and community members in skills such as counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological first aid.
  • Activities of The Indic Center:
    • § We conduct internships, mentoring, and training programs in various areas of mental fitness and psychological health services. Our programs include psycho-education, and coaching to help individuals optimize their mental, emotional, and social well-being, build resilience, and boost confidence The programs are conducted under the Skilling Development Training Program of India.
    • We have innovated course curriculum and pedagogy to cater to the diverse backgrounds and sociocultural differences of students. Workshops have been conducted for various target groups, including children, students, teachers, corporate personnel, and organizations. These workshops cover a wide range of skills, including psychological, emotional, behavioural, life, employability, counseling, and domain-specific skills.
    • Notable organizations and institutions, including government entities, corporations, and educational institutions, that have benefited from the workshops by our experts include Govt of Haryana, IdiscoverI, C-DAC, IBM, Times of India, All India Kho-Kho Association, Jaypee Group of Hotels, YMCA University, UGC, Haryana Police and Traffic Police, University of Delhi, among others.