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Prof. (Dr.) Chavi Bhargava Sharmauses every opportunity to build awareness regarding mental fitness and address issues that affect all sections of society with regard to mental health. She has worked on the ground with people from a wide spectrum of society, has explored various medium and platforms from which to reach out to people and create awareness. The children, youth and women are closest to her heart as she recognises the long term impact they have on the future of the nation
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Prof. (Dr.) Chavi Bhargava Sharma


Some of the areas I have worked in :


Institution Building and Edupreneurship
  • Have been an edupreneur (educational entrepreneur) setting up departments and over 20 educational programmes programmes – BA, MA & PhD, and Lifelong Learning – from the inception, ideation, concept planning, implementation, thereby building educational institutions. They include the flagship departments of MBA, Psychology, Hotel Management, Psychology, Economics, Social Work, Political Science, Sociology, English, Journalism, and the new age and creative department of Liberal Arts and Social and Behavioural Sciences Faculty.
  • Have worked on capacity building of faculty, students and staff, on curriculum development, implementation, research, academic delivery and quality assurance, branding, marketing and all the other requirements. Compliances as per the UGC, AICTE and NAAC and other accreditations was also undertaken by me.
  • Enabled two educational start-ups:
    (i) Amity University Rajasthan where I was the founder faculty
    (ii)Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad where I was Founder Dean, Director of Faculty of Management and Founder Executive Director and Dean of Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.


Capacity Building and Training
  • To address learning needs of students coming from diverse backgrounds and having vast rangeof socio cultural differences, I had to innovate the design of course curriculum, pedagogy etc.
  • Conducted several workshops for children, students, teachers, corporate personnel, organizations etc. in Psychological, Emotional, Behavioural, Life, Employability, Counselling and Domain Skills.
  • Conducted training workshops in POSH and POCSO
  • Conducted workshops for Govt of Haryana, IdiscoverI, C-DAC, IBM, Times of India, All India Kho- Kho Association, Jaypee Group of Hotels, YMCA University, UGC, Haryana Police and Traffic Police, University of Delhi, and numerous others notable organisations and institutions


Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health and Wellness
  • Psychology has always been my prime focus; successfully launched Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programmes in Applied Psychology in two universities i.e., Amity University (Raj) andManav Rachna International University. Established Counselling cells to address the gap in academics and pedagogy in psychology.
  • Founded a start-up ‘Indic Center for Psychological Wellness and Holistic Health’. Its Counselling vertical is ‘Conversationists-Talking Cures’. During the lockdown in 2020-202, conducted webinars and live sessions on aspects of prevailing mental health issues like coping strategies for anxiety, suicidal ideation, depression, LGBTQ issues..
  • As a socio-clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and counsellor, am working on mental, emotional and psychological health and wellness since 1989. Have worked with people with autism, anxiety disorders, depression, and daily problems of living through counselling and therapy.
  • Conducted Psychometric Evaluation, Psychometric Test Construction, Behavioural, Psychological and Soft/Life Skills training workshops for students, teachers, principals, police, and corporate organisations.
  • Constructed a psychometric test based on Multiple Intelligence and skill sets for Career Choices ‘Psychometric Profiling Test’ for school students from std VII to X.


Community Service and Institutional Social Responsibility
  • Privileged to have a lead role in creation of a leading philanthropist organisations of the city – ‘Dr OP Bhalla Foundation’, of which I am also Trustee and Member Secretary; led the team which implemented many projects and schemes for nation-building and community service, unprecedented in their concept and design, tailor-made to address specific social issues:
    1. ‘Ek Mutthi Daan- No One Sleeps Hungry’ for donating rice, grains and flour every month to various NGOs
    2. Adoption of the railway station for maintaining cleanliness
    3. Conducted need analysis and comprehensive survey of 176 schools of Faridabad Distt for Govt of Haryana.
    4. Developed and conducted survey on ‘Safety of Women’ for Faridabad Police on more than 1000 women for policy implementation.
  • Founded a trust for mental health and wellness of children and youth in rural, and semi-urban areas for underprivileged and socially disadvantaged people – ‘Foundation for Empowerment through Education, Learning, Inclusion and Training (FEELIT); Conducted free workshops for all the government schools of Faridabad, Haryana.
  • During the first year of COVID-19, implemented a 24X7 helpline ‘Sathi’ for online crisis counselling; trained students from the stream in crisis counselling. Supported the Delhi govt (DCPCR) for a similar intervention at a larger scale
  • Launched ‘Sparsh’ – a pioneering annual mental health camp for the underprivileged from rural to urban areas and slums aimed to bring mental health to every home.


Research and Teaching
  • Teaching, writing and social psychological are integral to my academic career
  • Started my teaching career with Delhi University – Daulat Ram College, & Lady Shriram College
  • Started research work with the Center for the Study of Developing Societies, CSDS’.
  • Research projects include one on the partition of India involving documenting oral histories and testimonies of first hand witnesses to the partition of undivided India; as awarded a research fellowship for my work on the Pranami Community which was seminal in understanding of partition violence and religion and its interplay in the society; also awarded the prestigious WISCOMP fellowship for this work.
  • My doctoral research focused on understanding impact of science on the psychology of the people and society. Was among privileged civilians to visit nuclear reactors in the country and interact with top scientists and medical doctors of the day. Awarded the RCSS fellowship for this study.
  • Supervised 10 doctorates at Manav Rachna International University. As many students were from semi-urban and rural belts and were first-time learners. I implemented structured experiential learning pedagogy through role plays, drama, sports, outdoor camps, mandatory community service, employability and life skills in the management, etc., utilising existing structures of civil society like police so that students could learn necessary skills hands-on.
  • Have written several academic books, published a book of poems and published several research papers in reputed journals.


Women and Gender Empowerment
  • Conducted over 100 workshops and events related to Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment for students, faculty, administrative staff and corporate / industry. Served in the panel of the Internal Complaints Committee of various corporates
  • Served as Chairperson /presiding officer of various committees like ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’, Women Cell, Women and Gender Sensitization Committee, and Internal Complaints Committee; worked towards bringing in equality and equity for all genders in the university and community.
  • Certified POCSO and POSH trainer; have conducted workshops in schools, colleges, organizations for POSH and POCSO. Headed the committee that drafted the policy and made the handbook for gender policy and posh