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Services offered at The Indic Center for Psychological Wellness and Holistic Health

Psychological Counseling & Therapy

  • Our vertical “Conversationists-Talking Cures”, offers important mental health support and services including Psychological counselling and psychotherapy. Talking is the age old cathartic medium and the starting point for all other interventions. . We provide :
    • Safe and Non-Judgmental Space: Safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to engage in therapeutic conversations. Clients can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged, shamed, ridiculed, or admonished.
    • Confidentiality: We take the confidentiality of your clients seriously, ensuring that the information shared during counselling sessions remains confidential and secure.
    • Training and Techniques: Our counsellors are trained in various counselling and therapy techniques, and they use a combination of Western and Indic techniques that are culturally specific to the needs of the client. This approach allows us to provide a holistic and culturally sensitive form of therapy.
    • Responsibility and Integrity: Our counsellors uphold the highest level of responsibility and integrity in theirwork, which is crucial in the field of mental health and wellness.
    • Expertise: We focuses on psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and mental health and wellness. Our experts have extensive experience working with a range of clients, including those with autism, anxiety disorders, depression, and everyday life challenges.

Mental Health & Wellness Consultant


Know yourself through your thoughts. Learn meditation and self-knowledge techniques.

Mental Health

Living in the present is the key to a focused and productive mind. Practice living in the present.

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is the 360 degree development of our “self”, focussing on what matters, and living a full life.

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